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Death Penalty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Death Penalty - Essay Example Our main points for the abolition of the death penalty are morality and technicality. The original arguments for capital punishment does not anymore apply but are outdated – deterrence, retribution, etc. The teachings of the Bible – the Old and the New Testaments – tell us one important aspect of creation: protect life and do not allow vengeance. God did not kill Cain for killing his own brother Abel but instead sent him on exile and put a mark on him so that no one would kill him. A passage in the Bible of states: ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. This teaching does not mean taking the life of a murderer or someone who has committed a heinous crime, but it means limiting the retribution for an offense. When Jesus was presented the woman accused of adultery, he did not condemn the woman but told those present â€Å"to cast the first stone†, which means we should not condemn anyone but allow a sinner to reform. Another argument is the ground of technicality. The criminal justice system, a human system, is flawed. I mean, it is not always perfect despite all the bright, legal minds the world has ever produced. Rulings are not perfect. The Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty violated the Eight and Fourteenth Amendments. Then in another ruling in 1976, Gregg v. Georgia, the Court again contradicted itself by ruling that the death penalty per se was not unconstitutional. (Bedau 2005, p. 23) In Furman, it was ruled that some state statutes were unconstitutional, which allowed that death penalty statutes had to be rewritten. Advocates of the death penalty began proposing new laws for capital punishment. In other words, advocates of the death penalty interpreted this as an opportunity to write new laws so that there would be no more doubts of retaining the death penalty. It was reported that there were 35 states that rewrote their

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Evacuation was a great success Essay Example for Free

Evacuation was a great success Essay Source A is a picture of all the happy school children all lining up to be evacuated. Now this is not a reliable source when trying to prove if evacuation was a success or not. This is due to the fact that during the war the government had emergency powers. This gave them power all over the newspapers. So this meant that the newspapers posted propaganda about how successful the evacuation was. In the picture, there are all smiling faces, and no signs of a resistance. It almost looks like the kids want to be evacuated. This photo has been used to give an overall positive impression of the evacuation. Now in the picture, the kids look happy, but in reality there was a lot of resistance against evacuation. Parents didnt want their kids to leave them, and kids didnt want to leave their parents. In Grimsby, more than seven thousand children were eligible to be evacuated, but on the day only 1,854 children had been evacuated. Showing that there was a reluctance to evacuate children. In the evening telegraph it even described the evacuation as Though some omnipotent pied piper had been thought the cities of England, stripping them of their children. Source B is a teachers recollection of being evacuated with her children from her school. Now this has to be looked at carefully, as it was written a while after in 1988. Now memories could be different. She explains, All you could hear was the feet of the children and a kind of murmur. This shows that the children arent the smiling people as shown in the papers. This shows that they werent really pleased about leaving their homes and families to live with complete strangers. This could also not be reliable because it could be over exaggerated. Source C is an extract from a novel about evacuees. Now before we analyse this we have to take into consideration that this was written for the younger audience. So facts could have been altered to make the story more interesting. First of all, we can rely on this source too highly as it is a fiction piece, which is made up. And also it will not be too graphic as it is intended for the children. Secondly it was written in 1973, nowhere near the time of the war. Source D is an appeal for more people in Scotland to provide homes for evacuee children. Now this source was probably published in a newspaper. Seeing as first looks at it, it looks like propaganda. In the passage, it is trying to get more people to take evacuees in. It does this by saying two of the strongest words ever, thank you. These words are the words that most reach out to the people, as humans like being appreciated. Now after they feel good form the thank you, thats when they appeal to you to get those sweet looking children in the picture. But it wasnt like this. Some of the children contained lice, and some had never had a bath in their lives. Some of them were under clothed, some had came in all the clothes they had. These mislead people thinking that they would get a nice quiet child, clean and happy. Instead they got unhappy crying children, suffering from chronic bedwetting. Source E is an Interview with a parent in may 1940. Now 1940 was the beginning of the bombing of the cities began. And during the text, you can see that he was reluctant to evacuate his child, and kept him with him in the end. As you can see from the way he speaks, he has a lack of knowledge and therefore is scared of the unknown; he has no concept of what it would be like to live in the shires. You can tell that he knows if the kid goes away, he knows that the dad dies, and the kid will come back to no family what so ever. This is a useful source because it gives us an idea of what the parents thought about the evacuation. I agree with the fact that the evacuation was a success. It kept the children safe, but the Evacuation failed in keeping the children mentally safe. Most parents who preferred to keep their children with them instinctively realised what was not known: That sending off young children could have serious repercussions.

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Technology Brings People Together Essay -- Technology Society Essays

Technology Brings People Together It is difficult to escape the influence of technology on modern life. It lurks behind every door: the classroom, home, office, and store. There are many who are resistant to new technology, saying that technology causes harm to society. These claims are often made without the realization that technology also includes important and indispensable parts in their life such as writing and the tools for writing. Writing was one of the first technologies invented. Technology has now become so entrenched in the majority of cultures around the world that it is hard to imagine a life or society without writing. For those that maintain a majority of technology beyond writing is harmful, imagine the difficulty in writing without the help of other technologies, which includes pencils, paper, computers, printing presses, and a number of other technological aids. In my project I attempted to write without the assistance of normal technologies that are often taken for granted. It proved a difficult undertaking. Before beginning to write I had to find something to write on. As I searched my house and yard I realized that technology-free materials are difficult to find. I eventually found a birch log by the fireplace, which was once used by Native Americans for the purpose of writing. After tearing off the bark, and shaking off the dirt I had my â€Å"paper.† The hardest part was still not over; I needed to find a replacement for the normal writing aid of a pencil or pen. I replaced ink with honey and traded a pen for a feather. My next step was the very slow process of streaking honey on the bark to form words. The honey was the same color as the birch and blended in with the wood. To f... ...deas and knowledge. Also, it is essential to understand in order to succeed in school, find information, and qualify for most jobs. New technologies continue to be created. The wisest step is to embrace the new technologies since they are unlikely to go away. Those who have the most knowledge of new technologies are able to accomplish more, and find more options available to them in life. Works Cited Baron, Dennis. â€Å"From Pencils to Pixels: The Stages of Literary Technologies.† Writing Material. Ed. Evelyn Tribble. New York. 2003. 35- 52. Ong, Walter. â€Å"Writing is a Technology that Restructures Thought.† Writing Material. Ed. Evelyn Tribble. New York. 2003. 315-335. Tribble and Trubek. Writing Material. Ed. Evelyn Tribble. New York. 2003. Twain, Mark. â€Å"The First Writing-Machines.† Writing Material. Ed. Evelyn Tribble. New York. 2003. 500-502.

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Engineering and Ce 211c Ce

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CIVIL ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS-TALAMBAN CAMPUS CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES (Effective June 2008) FIRST YEAR/FIRST SEMESTER Lec Lab Course Title Hrs Hrs Algebra 3 0 Trigonometry 3 0 Solid Mensuration 2 0 Engineering Graphics 1 0 3 Communication Arts 1 3 0 Sining ng Pakikipagtalastasan 3 0 Man in Search of God 3 0 Self Testing Activities 2 0 Civic Welfare Training Services 1 3 0 Total 22 3 FIRST YEAR/SECOND SEMESTER Lec Lab Hrs Hrs Course Title Analytic & Solid Geometry 3 0 Calculus 1 5 0 Advanced Algebra 2 0 Engineering Graphics 2 0 3 General and Inorganic Chemistry Lec 3 0 General and Inorganic Chemistry Lab 0 3 Communication Arts 2 3 0 Man the Christian Believer 3 0 Filipino sa Iba't-ibang Larangan 3 0 Rhytmic Activities 2 0 Civic Welfare Training Services 2 3 0 Total 27 6 SECOND YEAR/FIRST SEMESTER Lec Lab Hrs Hrs Course Title Elementary Surveying Lecture 2 0 Elementary Surveying Laboratory 0 6 Computer Fundamentals & Programming 0 6 Engineering Physic s 1 Lecture 3 0 Engineering Physics 1 Laboratory 0 3 Logic 3 0 Life & Works of Rizal 3 0 The Christian Worship 3 0 Fundamentals of Games and Sports 2 0 Governance & Const with Current Issues 3 0 Total 19 15 SECOND YEAR/SECOND SEMESTER Lec Lab Course Title Hrs Hrs Higher Surveys Lecture 2 0 Higher Surveys Laboratory 0 6 Calculus 2 5 0 Statics of Rigid Bodies 3 0 Engineering Physics 2 Lecture 3 0 Engineering Physics 2 Laboratory 0 3 Aural-Oral Communication 3 0 Man Witness in the World 3 0 Recreational Activities 2 0 Total 21 9 THIRD YEAR/FIRST SEMESTER Lec Lab Hrs Hrs Course Title Dynamics of Rigid Bodies 3 0 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies 5 0 Engineering Surveys Lecture 2 0 Engineering Surveys Laboratory 0 3 General Computer Application 0 3 Differential Equations 3 0 Building Design 1 Lecture 1 0 Building Design 1 Laboratory 0 3 Basic Mechanical Engineering 3 0 General Psychology 3 0 Total 20 9 THIRD YEAR/SECOND SEMESTER Lec Lab Course Title Hrs Hrs Theory of Structures 1 Lecture 3 0 Theory of Structures 1 Laboratory 0 3 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics 1 3 0 Course Code EM 111 EM 112X EM 124 ES 12A ENGL 1 FILI 1 REED 10 PE 11 NSTP 1 Acad Units 3 3 2 1 3 3 3 2 3 23 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) Course Code EM 121 EM 122 EM 123 ES 14A CHEM 4 CHEM 4L ENGL 2 REED 20 FILI 2 PE 12 NSTP2 Acad Units 3 5 2 1 3 1 3 3 3 2 3 29 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) EM 111, EM 112X EM 111, EM 112X EM 111, EM 112X ES 12A ENGL 1 REED 10 FILI 1 PE 11 NSTP1 Course Code CE 211C CE 211CL ES 16ANL PHYS 31N PHYS 31NL PHILO 2 HIST 17 REED 30 PE 13 POSC 13E Acad Units 2 2 2 3 1 3 3 3 2 3 24Prerequisites (Co-requisites) EM 111, EM112X EM 111, EM112X EM 111, EM112X EM 121, EM 122 EM 121, EM 122 None None REED 20 PE 12 None Course Code CE 221C CE 221CL EM 211 MECH 1 PHYS 32N PHYS 32NL ENGL 3 REED 40 PE 14 Acad Units 2 2 5 3 3 1 3 3 2 24 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) CE 211C, CE211CL CE 211C, CE211CL EM 122 PHYS 31, (EM 211) PHYS 31N PHYS 31N Engl 2 REED 30 PE 13 Course Code MECH 2 MECH 3 CE 311C CE 311CL CE 311G EM 22 BLDG 1 BLDG 1L ME310 PSYC 1 Acad Units 3 5 2 1 1 3 1 1 3 3 23 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) MECH 1 MECH 1 (MECH 2) CE 221C, CE221CL CE 221C, CE221CL EM111, EM123, ES16ANL EM 211 EM 124, ES 14A EM 124, ES 14A MECH 1 (MECH 2) NoneCourse Code CE 321A CE 321AL CE 321BX Acad Units 3 1 3 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) MECH 2, MECH 3 MECH 2, MECH 3 MECH 2, MECH 3 CE 321BLY CE 321C CE 321G BLDG 2 BLDG 2L EM 31 ECON 1N EE 320 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics 1 Lab Engineering Geology Probability and Statistics Building Design 2 Lecture Building Design 2 Laboratory Advanced Engineering Mathematics Principles of Econ with Agrarian Reform Elementary Elect. Eng'g Total 0 3 3 1 0 3 3 3 22 3 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 9 1 3 3 1 1 3 3 3 25 MECH 2, MECH 3 PHYS 32, CHEM 4 EM 111 BLDG 1 BLDG 2 EM 22 None PHYS 32, EM 22 Course Code CE 411A CE 411AL CE 411BY CE 411BL CE 411C CE 411CL CE 412AX CE 412AL CE 412B SOSC 6 PHILO 25FOURTH YEAR/FIRST SEMESTER Lec Lab Course Title Hrs Hrs Theory of Structure s 2 Lecture 3 0 Theory of Structures 2 Laboratory 0 3 Fluid Mechanics &Hydraulics 2 3 0 Fluid Mechanics &Hydraulics2 Lab. 0 3 Geotechnics 1 Lecture 3 0 Geotechnics 1 laboratory 0 3 Construction Materials and Testing Lec 2 0 Construction Materials and Testing Lab 0 3 Hydrology 3 0 Philippine Society and Culture 3 0 Philosophy of the Human Person 3 0 Total 20 12 FOURTH YEAR/ SECOND SEMESTER Lec Lab Course Title Hrs Hrs Reinforced Concrete Design Lec 3 0 Reinforced Concrete Design Lab 0 3 Environmental Engineering 3 0 Geotechnics 2 Lecture 3 0 Geotechnics 2 Laboratory 0 3 Geographic Information System Lec 1 0 Geographic Information System Lab 0 3Water Resources Engineering 3 0 Engineering Economics 3 0 Technical Writing 3 0 Survey of Arts 3 0 Total 22 9 Summer after 4th year/second semester Lec Lab Course Title Hrs Hrs On the Job Training 3 0 Total 3 0 FIFTH YEAR/ FIRST SEMESTER Lec Lab Hrs Hrs Course Title Highway Engineering 3 0 Steel Design Lecture 3 0 Steel Design Laboratory 0 3 Ti mber Design 2 0 Construction Planng, Prog & Safety 3 0 Project 1 Lecture 1 0 Project 1 Laboratory 0 3 Elective 1 3 0 Elective 2 3 0 Engineering Management 3 0 Total 21 6 FIFTH YEAR/ SECOND SEMESTER Lec Lab Hrs Hrs Course Title Transportation Engineering 3 0 Project Management Lecture 2 0 Project Management Laboratory 0 3 Foundation Design 2 Foundation Design Lab. 3 Project 2 0 3 CE Laws, Contracts, Specs, & Ethics 3 0 Elective 3 3 0 Elective 4 3 0 Total 16 9 Acad Units 3 1 3 1 3 1 2 1 3 3 3 24 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) CE321A, CE321AL CE321A, CE321AL CE321B, CE321BL CE321B, CE321BL MECH 2, MECH 3 MECH 2, MECH 3 MECH 2, MECH 3 MECH 2, MECH 3 EM 211, (CE411B) None None Course Code CE 421AN CE 421ANL CE 421B CE 421C CE 421CL CE 421G CE 421GL CE 423B ES 25 ENGL 23G HUMN 1 Acad Units 3 1 3 3 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 25 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) CE411A, CE412A CE411A, CE412A CHEM 4, CE 412B CE411C, CE411CL CE411C, CE411CL CE311C, CE311G CE311C, CE311G CE411B, CE411BL EM 22 4th Year Standing None Course Code OJT Acad Units 3 3 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) BLDG2, Completed 4th yr 2nd sem coursesCourse Code CE 511C CE 512A CE 512AL CE 514A CE 513A CE 511G CE 511GL CE 511E CE 511F ES 27 Acad Units 3 3 1 2 3 1 1 3 3 3 23 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) CE311C, CE421C CE411A, CE411AL CE411A, CE411AL CE411A, CE411AL 5th Year Standing completed 4th yr 2nd sem courses completed 4th yr 2nd sem courses refer to pre-req refer to pre-req ES 25 Course Code CE 521C CE 522A CE 522AL CE 522B CE 522BL CE 521G CE 522G CE 522E CE 523E Acad Units 3 2 1 3 1 1 3 3 3 20 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) 5th Year Standing ES 27, CE 513A ES 27, CE 513A CE 511A CE 511A CE 511G 5th Year Standing refer to pre-req refer to pre-req Note: NSTP and PE courses should be completed within the first two years in college.Elective Courses: Lec Lab Hrs Hrs Elective 1: Course Title Cluster A Prestressed Concrete 3 0 Cluster B Irrigation, Flood Control and Drainage Engg 3 0 Cluster C Urban Planning and Land Develop ment 3 0 Elective 2: Cluster A Bridge Design 3 0 Cluster B Sanitary Engineering 3 0 Cluster C Geosynthetics in Geotechnical Engg 3 0 Elective 3: Cluster A Entrepreneurship for Engineers 3 0 Cluster B Hydrologic Analysis and Modeling 3 0 Cluster C Pavement Analysis and Design 3 0 Elective 4: Cluster A Special Topics in Structural Engg 3 0 Cluster B Special Topics in Water Resources 3 0 Cluster C Special Topics in Geotechnical Engg 3 0 Acad Units 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) CE 421A CE 422B CE 311C, 5th Year Standing CE 421A CE 421B CE 421C ES 27 CE 412B, CE321G CE 511C CE 511A CE 423B CE 511C

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The Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan - 1704 Words

Background Throughout history the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has faced numerous invasions, a series of civil wars and enormous bloodshed. In 1978 the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) seized power in a coup against President Mohamed Daoud in what is known as the Saur Revolution. This revolution is said to be the catalyst for upheaval and armed resistance that would follow for the next 20 years. Opposition of the communist regime resulted in the rise of guerilla mujahideen forces that quickly escalated into a civil war. The Soviet Union sent thousands of military advisors in support of the PDPA government and soon established a soviet-organized government to stabilized Afghanistan under Babrak Karmal’s leadership. All the†¦show more content†¦After the death of over 1 million Afghans and about 6 million refugees, How did the establishment of Taliban rule affect the rights, freedoms and opportunities of women in Afghanistan? Prior to Taliban rule, women had significant rights and educational and professional opportunities. As early as 1920’s women were granted the right to vote and equal rights for men and women that would be undermined by later successions of power. In 1964, a new constitution creates a modern democracy with free elections, equal rights, freedom of speech, universal suffrage, and allows women to enter into politics. The 1970’s under Soviet supported PDPA government are characterized by further liberalization reforms such as: separation of religion and state, banning burquas, raising the legal age of marriage to 16, requires education for girls, and abolishes walwar. During the 1980’s insurrection groups against the Soviet government threaten liberal reforms. By late 1988 the Soviet Union retreats its forces and Afghanistan is torn into civil war between t ribal leaders and mujahideen leading up to the Taliban’s takeover in 1996. Upon the Taliban’s seizing of power, they institute a severe interpretation of Sharia Law, cracking down on â€Å"un-Islamic† aspects of society that most heavily targeted the rights, freedoms and opportunities of Afghan

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Applying the Sociological Perspectives Essay - 693 Words

Applying the Sociological Perspectives The issue I have chosen is the use of social networking websites and how the three sociological perspectives apply to them. The use of social networking website has become a social norm in the way our society communicates with each one another. I believe that there are benefits with using social networking websites in your private and public life. On the other hand, I do believe that with social networking websites, the boundary between our private and public life merge and become difficult to separate. Functionalism According to Griffiths et. al (2015), functionalism is a structure with interrelated parts designed to meet the biological and social needs of the individuals in that†¦show more content†¦Conflict theory focuses on the inequalities based on social order or class, and those that have more power and resources can influence our society. A conflict theorist would view the use of social networking as a platform in which the powerful can use their resources to promote social change. Symbolic Interactionist Theory According to Griffiths et. al (2015), symbolic interactionism is a micro-level theory that focuses on the relationships among individuals within a society. Symbolic interactionism theory focuses on the way individuals communicate and interact with one another, which help them understand their environment and society. An example of symbolic interactionism can be viewed by what kind of mobile phone you have, what car you drive, or where you went to college. These are all types of symbols that our society uses to symbolize a person status or wealth. Another example is the social networking website FaceBook, which can serve as an online platform for users to create and spread their symbolic group with like minded individuals that view the world from the same lens. Elements of Culture Socialization helps humans learn who they are and how they fit into society. Learning culture and language helps pass on cultural values and traditions on to the next generation. Our family, peers, and social institution help socialize human throughout their lifetime. Social institutions include school,Show MoreRelatedApplying the Sociological Perspective807 Words   |  4 PagesSOC 100 July 27, 2015 Bettie Ware Applying the Sociological Perspective An employer is an individual or organization who employs one or more person (employee) for wages or salary, while an employee works for an individual or organization (employer) for wage or salary. The wage that is earn is used to cover expenses by the employee, in the form of bills, to cover health, housing, food, utilities, all seen as a necessity. Functionalism studies society on the macro level, whereRead MoreSoc/100 - Applying Sociological Perspectives1063 Words   |  5 Pages Applying Sociological Perspectives Stephanie Ann Tombline SOC/100 May 30, 2016 Jennifer Hudgins Applying Sociological Perspectives Social networking sites - such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, Pinterest, just to name a few - provide individuals with an online web of global networking that allows maintaining social ties with one another. Sociologists often ponder, How do these social websites impact society? Above all, this is the question that is the central focus shared byRead MoreSociology 210 Study Guide1129 Words   |  5 PagesChapter One: The Sociological Perspective I. The Sociological Perspective. A. Sociology is the systematic study of human society. B. The sociological perspective (Berger, 1963) helps us to see general social patterns in the behavior of particular individuals (the general in the particular). C. It also encourages us to realize that society guides our thoughts and deeds — to see the strange in the familiar (Berger, 1963). D. Sociology also encourages us to see personal choice in social contextRead MoreWhat Makes Critical Social Work?817 Words   |  4 Pagesand in defining social work, one must also define critical thinking, and critical consciousness. This paper will attempt to define such concepts and ideologies and it will address and include themes of the intersectionality of social work and the Sociological Imagination, social structure and institutions. So what is social work? The York University - School of Social Work (2015), mission statement suggests that social work practice affirms personal experiences influenced by social structure and addressesRead MoreThe Sociological Imagination, By C. Wright Mills799 Words   |  4 Pages The sociological imagination, a concept used by C. Wright Mills, is essentially the ability to perceive a situation or act in a much larger social context as well as examining the situation or act from many perspectives. In particular, it plays a paramount role in Donna Gaines Teenage Wasteland. It is a tragic story of 4 teens who together, committed suicide. The teens were deemed as â€Å"dropouts, druggies† [Teenage Wasteland 8.2] by newspapers and were still treated with disdain even after theirRead MoreSociological Perspectives On The Sociological Perspective1178 Words   |  5 PagesThe Sociological Perspective is a behavior that connects one with society. As written in the textbook Socie ty the Basics, sociological perspective is also defined as â€Å"seeing the general in the particular† (Berger, 1963). A major part of being a sociologist is finding patterns in everyday life. As an ordinary person, finding patterns is almost a natural instinct. Every individual falls into a category, whether how unique they claim to be. Individuals can be categorized by race, class, sexual orientationRead MoreSociological Imagination, Social Construction Of Reality And Socialization902 Words   |  4 PagesThe foundational concepts of sociological imagination, social construction of reality and socialization help us learn more about ourselves and the world. Sociological imagination is the way in which individuals realize the connection between their own experience of reality and the experiences of society as a whole. This realization allows people to make sense of the world around them. When one applies sociological imagination, they are stripping their own personal experiences from their thoughtsRead MoreLiving As Woman And A Muslim Essay1235 Words   |  5 PagesMuslim in America The term sociological imagination was a concept constructed by the American Sociologist C. Wright Mills in 1959 to describe the ability to understand how our lives are affected by the historical and sociological changes around us. In order to possess the knowledge of sociological imagination, we should be able to pull away from the current situation and be able to look and think from a different perspective. C. Wright Mills defined his concept of sociological imagination as â€Å"...theRead MoreWhy You Are Performing Heart Surgery Or Scanning Grocery Items For A Living1665 Words   |  7 Pagesschool. These unrecognized and unintended consequences of the social structure are called latent functions and are usually indirect effects of the institution. If you happen to be studying the inequalities of different groups in society, you are applying the Conflict Theory to your study. Conflict Theory is based on the ideas of Karl Marx in the 19th century. Marx believed that society evolves through several stages. The most important of which were communism, capitalism, and socialism. During industrialRead MoreAs Mentioned Above, There Have Been Many Lives Lost During1729 Words   |  7 Pagesissues after centuries of war and the lessons that society has learned from these experiences. Applying the functionalism sociological theory will provide one explanation as to why events like these continue to occur. Applying Sociological Theory There are many sociological theories that are available to attempt to explain the social structure that exists around the world. These theoretical perspectives attempt to provide a logical thought process to explain the way that society and culture are developed

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Atrocities In Afganistan (Women) Essay - 1117 Words

(NOTE TO STUDENT: my teacher gave me a B+ and said I would have had an A if I had had more detail on the Talibans reasons for these laws) The women of Afghanistan have been enduring unfathomable suffering since the Taliban, a religious faction, seized control of the country in 1996. (NOTE TO STUDENT: my teacher gave me a B+ and said I would have had an A if I had had more detail on the Talibans reasons for these laws) Since 1996 Afghan women have been living fear for their safety and lives. A myriad of discriminating laws has been placed on Afghan women. The punishments for violating these laws are unimaginably inhuman. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The Taliban is an ultra-fundamentalist group that has 90 percent of Afghanistan under†¦show more content†¦nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Before the Taliban took over Afghanistan the country was fairly progressive in terms of women’s rights. There were women in Parliament, medicine, law, engineering and many other creditable professions (Shanahan). The majority of teachers were women (Shanahan). Half of the civil servants and university students were women (Shanahan). It seems the Afghan society was much like our own in relation to gender equality. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The current situation in Afghanistan contrasts the old one as black does white. Few women are permitted to work. Those who are must do so inside their homes (Stop). Girls are banned from attending school after the age of eight (Stop). A journalist speaks of girls not being allowed to leave the state orphanage building since 1996 although the boys go outside every day to attend school and play (Stop). The Taliban have severely limited women’s access to medical services because male physicians aren’t allowed to treat women and only a few selected female physicians can work only if they are veiled and treat only women (Stop). The punishments for violating the Talibans laws are even more appalling than the laws themselves and are among the most savage in the world. Often the punishments are dealt out in public in front of thousands of spectators. 30,000 men and boys gathered in an arena to eat biscuits and drink tea while watching women receiving the 100-lashShow MoreRelatedSummary Of A Thousand Splendid Suns 1792 Words   |  8 Pageslike a wife,he demands her to clean and cook,and he will ultimmatley require her to participate in sex that he forces upon her.Rasheed ,a piggy brute of a man who says it embarrasses him â€Å"to see a man who’s lost control of his wife†.According to him women is just a piece of property,Rasheed forces her to wear burqa and treats her with ill-disguised contempt,subjecting her to scorn,ridicule,even ‘walking past her like she was nothing but a house cat’.Mariam lives in fear of his shifting moods,his volatile