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Effects of Conformity on the Individual and the Society - Literature Essay Samples

Robert Anthony once said, â€Å"The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity†. Zamyatin’s We depicts the advantages and disadvantages of conforming to a small group of people, an authoritative society in general, and to the extreme totalitarian society of OneState. Through the heroic actions of I-330, Zamyatin clearly indicates that it is more admirable and beneficial to fight for change in a totalitarian government than to ignorantly live in oppression like D-503. Although Zamyatin undeniably depicts a totalitarian society in a negative light, there are advantages that can be inferred from conforming and obeying authoritarian rule. On a small scale, assimilating into a group of people allows one to feel more connected with his fellow man. This can be seen in the way D-503 experiences great joy and satisfaction from joining the laborers building the Integral: â€Å"I descended and mingled with them, fused with their mass, caught in the rhythm of steel and glass†¦I was floating over a mirror sea† (79). Complying with the majority is simply easier, and at times more natural and gratifying, than ostracizing oneself and attempting to fight the accepted societal norm. For example, when D-503 breaks the law by skipping work and then lying about his absence to his co-worker, he feels great guilt and shame. He condemns himself and realizes that he will never again be able to feel at ease with his co-workers, which causes him great pain, and he reflects: â€Å"I, corrupted man, a criminal, was out of place here. No, I shall probably never again be able to fuse myself into this mechanical rhythm, not float over this mirror-like sea. I am to burn eternally from now on, running from place to place, seeking a nook where I may hide my eyes† (80). It is obvious from this passage that D-503 derives much pleasure from his conformity and unity with the laborers, and that he regrets ostracizing himself from the group. On a larger scale, conforming to an authoritarian society guarantees ones safety and possible advancement in the social hierarchy. To elaborate, authoritarian societies often have government forces such as the secret police (represented by the bureau of guardians in â€Å"We†) that monitor possible uprisings and acts of treason. Complying with authoritarian rule means not having to worry about being persecuted by the state or in extreme cases, executed. Also, the more an individual adheres to the authority of tyrannical societies, the higher chance he has for advancing in the social hierarchy. For instance, the guardians of OneState are responsible for upholding the strict laws of the government and for this reason they are granted more authority and power. In the extreme totalitarian society of OneState, conforming to the authority comes with a lot of benefits. By being part of this society and contributing to it, citizens have access to an ever-present source of food and shelter, since OneState has a â€Å"radically transformed social system that has established a stable and secure world order for the general population† (Hatchings 87). In addition, the citizens of OneState are protected from most crimes and are even allotted time for all basic human needs, such as eating, sleeping, socializing and having sex. The citizens are brainwashed into believing that they live in a state of paradise and that all other lifestyles are absurd. This brainwashing can be viewed as a benefit because these citizens live care-free lives and are completely oblivious to the true horror of their oppressive circumstances. For D-503 any other life seems implausible, as he writes, â€Å"One thing has always seemed to me most improbable: how could a g overnment, even a primitive government, permit people to live without anything like our Tables-without compulsory walks, without precise regulation of the time to eatsuch a life was actually wholesale murder† (14). For these citizens, their imposed ignorance is bliss. Along with the benefits of conforming and of submitting to authoritarian rule, there are also, of course, a great many disadvantages. On a small scale, conforming to a group often means sacrificing your sense of individuality and becoming indistinguishable from the crowd. An extreme example of this is the daily, identical routine of every individual in OneState, during which every citizen is an identical copy of another. In his diary, D-503 writes, â€Å"Every morning†¦at the same hour, at the same minute, we wake up, millions of us at once. At the very same hour, millions like one, we begin our work, and millions like one, we finish it† (13). There is no opportunity to be spontaneous or distinguish oneself during these routines. In a totalitarian society, submitting to authoritarian rule means giving up the freedom of speech and the right to privacy. In We this can be seen in the character of R-13, a writer who has no choice but to compose works glorifying the actions of the State, even though he does not support those actions. For instance, when D-503 compliments R-13 on the poem that he wrote for an execution, R-13 exclaims, â€Å"I am dead sick of it. Everybody keeps on: â€Å"The death sentence, the death sentence!† I want to hear no more of it!† (59). R-13 is frustrated by the fact that he has no choice but to promote support for the Benefactor and the State, even though he opposes both. This practice of stifling one’s own opinion and instead creating propaganda for the autocracy is common in most totalitarian societies. Apart from extreme censorship, the government of dictatorial societies often invades the privacy of its citizens as well. Such violations of privacy generally inclu de going through someone’s mail, financial records, medical documents, as well as random property searches and more. In We, a more extreme invasion of privacy is enforced by subjecting the citizens to a life in a city of glass, so that most actions are visible and â€Å"beneath the eyes of everyone† in the city, especially those of the guardians (19). In the extreme case of OneState, â€Å"that is governed by its despotic and malevolent Benefactor,† submitting to the tyrannical rule of the Benefactor and the dictatorial laws of the state in general leads to the loss of most of the citizens’ rights, imagination, and independence (Hutchings 85). As mentioned before, the rights of the citizens of OneState are nonexistent. They cannot speak, write, or act in any way other than how the law explicitly permits them to.The OneState in We is so oppressive that it even manages to place restrictions on thoughts and imagination, classifying dreams as â€Å"a symptom of disease† (62). Moreover, â€Å"The imagination, or ‘fantasy’ which is considered to be the ‘last barricade on our way to happiness’ in OneState, is something which needs to be ‘cut out or extirpated’†¦for this process ‘nothing but surgery’ will do† (Burns 76). This surgery is referred to as the â€Å"Great Operation,† and it is forced upon all of the citizens towards the end of the book. Lastly, the citizens of OneState are also robbed of their independence. This is evident in the way that they are kept imprisoned by the State inside the â€Å"eternal glass†¦ [of] the Green Wall† (5). These citizens are forced to be completely dependent upon OneState and are unaware of the fact that life is possible outside of the Green Wall. The choice of whether or not to conform and yield to the authority can be a difficult one to make, and the impact of each decision varies, as can be seen by studying D-503 and I-330. D-503 ultimately chooses to conform to OneState, sacrificing his past memories and leading a robotic life that is completely devoid of any emotion. This decision comes as no surprise, however, since D-503 suffers great anxiety over his lawbreaking and scheming actions with I-330 throughout the entire novel. This can be seen in the way that he is constantly tempted to turn himself into the Bureau of Guardians. The strongest reason for D-503’s resolution to relent to OneState is his realization that I-330 has betrayed him and is simply using him. Without I-330, D-503 has little motivation to resist the Benefactor or keep to I-330’s cause. He succumbs to OneState and undergoes the â€Å"Great Operation†, after which he appears â€Å"before the Benefactor and [tells] him everything know n to [him] about the enemies of happiness† (217). By choosing to surrender to the Benefactor, D-503 makes the conscious decision that for him, it is more important to forget his past with I-330 than to continue trying to introduce freedom into OneState. As a result of this decision, D-503 regresses back to his former state of ignorance and bliss, and continues on to lead an insignificant, empty life. On the other hand, I-330 â€Å"rejects everything that the OneState stands for† and refuses to surrender to the demands of the Benefactor, proving that she is the true hero of the novel and the character whose actions should be praised and followed (Burns 82). From beginning to the very end, I-330 strives to free the citizens of OneState from oppression. Even when she is continuously tortured in the Gas Chamber, she still â€Å"does not utter a word† about her mission or her followers (218). Her actions, unlike those of D-503, have a lasting impact on OneState. This is evident in the several changes that take place after her rebellion. First, the Machine used to execute criminals with its â€Å"electric ray† is obliterated, as the narrator writes: â€Å"the disorderly fragments of the Machine, which was once perfect and great, fell down in all directions† (204). In addition, the Green Wall is destroyed, letting in life from outside the wall, such as birds, which â€Å"filled the sky with their sharp, black, descending triangles† (204). Lastly, citizens began to speak out against the State, hanging banners that read â€Å"Down with the machine! Down with the Operation!†(192). Through her relentlessness and refusal to give into the Benefactor, I-330 is able to seriously undermine the authority of OneState, provide hope for change and improvement, and convince other citizens of OneState to carry on her legacy. We allows readers to make a variety of interpretations about conformity, ranging from small to larger scales. The novel describes the conflicts individuals may face when debating whether or not to conform and obey an autocratic ruler. However, the novel ultimately points out that only those who are brave and strong enough to fight against conformity and oppression, such as I-330, have a chance at a better life, and the possibility of instilling a positive change in the society.

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One of the Most Ignored Solutions for How Advertising Targeting Demographics Essay Samples

One of the Most Ignored Solutions for How Advertising Targeting Demographics Essay Samples The overall point of an advertising objective is to aid a business prosper in the competitive industry. In the event you were a small company, you knew all your customers by name. A target market denotes the group of prospective customers at whom a provider's marketing is being directed. It is possible to adhere to the subsequent steps to define a target market for your industry. Things You Won't Like About How Advertising Targeting Demographics Essay Samples and Things You Will You can also see brand advertising. Advertising is a rather common way of getting customers to understand your brand, message and product. Brands often hold massive sales and extend big discounts to draw more customers and eliminate old stocks. For your brand to be recognized by the typical consumers, they should be made aware your business even exists in the first spot. Where to Find How Advertising Targe ting Demographics Essay Samples Being contacted by means of a PR representative of a social networking website can turn some people off the notion of using that product or assistance. On-line advertising is a powerful method of advertising that employs the ability of Internet and World Wide Web to be able to deliver marketing messages and attract consumers. When companies are marketing electronic goods, like televisions or video game consoles, they have to take into consideration how their potential clients want to devote their spare time, in order to concentrate their advertising on people who are really interested in entertainment and leisure. If an organization is tasked with deciding how they need to initiate a new publicity campaign, they will need to ask themselves some important questions first. An important part of marketing strategy is the idea of market segmentation. Multisegment marketing denotes the custom of targeting more than 1 market segment. Market dominance strategies are made to boost a firm's dominance, or capacity to beat out its competitors, in its distinct field. One of the most usual advertising and marketing strategies revolves around the notion of market dominance. You could also see marketing reports. You could also like email advertising examples This is among the most effective tools for marketers to cater to their target group. In reality, their advertising strategies are essentially alike. Concentrated marketing denotes the custom of directing every advertising effort to a single segment of the marketplace. You could also see marketing presentations. How Advertising Targeting Demographics Essay Samples Ideas Thus, the discipline of on-line advertising promises growth as it's interactive, targets specific consumers and doesn't have any geographical or time boundaries. For instance, the typical age of a population may rise over time. As a consequence, target markets are organized and specified according to several unique facets. Among the problems the business faces today is decreasing brand-loyalty. A Secret Weapon for How Advertising Targeting Demographics Essay Samples Market STP is a significant issue that Primark should handle. From the financial perspective Maybelline's target, market is affected by the world economic recession, which has a negative effect on a UK cosmetic market too. In s ome instances, a rise in sale doesn't result to a growth in profit. The Rise of How Advertising Targeting Demographics Essay Samples Furthermore, by marketing towards an older clientele base, a business will be targeting towards a group of people who already possesses a bigger quantity of revenue and financial stability. The company understand that if targeting their customers in several countries they must find a particular person who's an idol for exactly that nation. It owns 20,000 retail accounts throughout the United States. Without a group of workers, you're company wouldn't even have the ability to operate in the very first place. Most men and women utilize other complimentary objects to tell something extra regarding the advert that does not have any direct pronunciation through the matter. Increasingly, since the area of print advertising shrinks, individuals are finding more creative methods to advertise, like displaying signs in addition to taxis. Folks are almos t always keen in regards to trying new things. They often talk about the importance of gaining new customers, but nobody ever tells you how to retain them. The sex of the man or woman can be an additional element to have a look at. Thus, the current market also should be segmented putting fashion taste for a consumer preference. Under such conditions, it's important to recognize the ideal market for targeting purpose. For example in China with the 1 child policy. With internet advertising you receive instant outcomes. Better still, the variety of completely free samples is always changing, and she gets to pick the samples she wants from a wide collection of options. A demographic profile may be used to establish when and where advertising needs to be put in order to realize maximum outcomes. The following gives some of the details that you should search for when analyzing the standard of an advert. The End of How Advertising Targeting Demographics Essay Samples Competit ors might try to use the exact marketing and advertising practices and potentially take away customers. An advertising goal is an overall overview of what you wish to do. Understanding target markets can result in a better comprehension of overall business strategies. Life, Death and How Advertising Targeting Demographics Essay Samples Alcohol businesses give a great illustration of businesses who wish to appeal to a large variety of target markets. For instance, if you know why your customers buy your goods, you can determine how much of your product they require and how often they have to get it. Toy and board game companies like Hasbro or Mattel have an extremely specific target marketplace. On-line market places make it possible for buyers to observe the best prices available without moving from their desks and pick the goods they want which they couldn't find at the neighborhood supermarket.

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Overcoming Racism And Barriers To Counseling African...

Overcoming Racism and Barriers to Counseling African Americans Racism against African Americans and other ethnicities is still prevalent in our society. Salis (2015) mentions a recent poll of Caucasian and African Americans and found that sixty percent of those surveyed felt racial relationships ha vent improved and forty percent felt they were worse. In this paper, I will identify how a counselor can reduce the effects of racism and discrimination that has affected African Americans. Additionally, I will address what role a counselor plays in reducing the stigma of mental illness within the African American community. Furthermore, I will highlight the legal and ethical issues identified in the video â€Å"Snapping the Chain: Ending Mental†¦show more content†¦To effectively lessen the effects of lifelong racism and discrimination, Hays Erford (2014) recommends a strength-based approach, with the counselor focusing on the individual and family capacities. Focusing on the client’s positive attributes and favorable cultural norms can encourage one to become more resilient (Vaterlaus, Skogrand, Chaney, 2015). Furthermore, applying counseling skills such as unconditional positive regard, empathy, consistency, focusing on the client, and providing a supportive environment can all help the therapeutic relationship (Hays Erford, 2014). Additionally, making the counselor/client relationship equal will also allow the client to feel more comfortable, may dispel the mistrust of counseling prominent in African American culture (Hays Erford, 2014). Finally, acknowledging the racial differences with the client could encourage them to discuss the racism and discrimination they may have experienced (Hays Erford, 2014). Reducing the Stigma Associated with Counseling Per Vaterlaus, Skogrand, Chaney (2015) studies have shown that African Americans reaching out for mental health services are perceived to be powerless or weak, and are often humiliated and feel embarrassed. In a study performed by (Ward, Wiltshire, Detry Brown (2013) African Americans were found to be hesitant to confess any mental health problems and were more likely to cope using religious practices. In my opinion, African Americans are connected toShow MoreRelatedChildren Are Victims Of Violence And Violence3788 Words   |  16 Pagesa daily occurrence. Robberies and physical and sexual assaults occur everywhere and there are often several witnesses to the event. â€Å"Research has shown that exposure to traumatic experiences such as crime and violence, found in predominantly African American communities exceed those in areas dominated by most other ethnic groups† (Coker, et. al., 2014, p. 88). Children are exposed to violen ce and grow up thinking it is a normal part of daily life. These children grow up in fear and use coping mechanismsRead MoreAfrican American Cultural Values And Norms1653 Words   |  7 PagesWhen beginning work with the client, there were a number of apparent differences between her and myself, including age, race, and social class. As previously stated I had to become more culturally competent about working with African American clients before I started seeing the client. Furthermore, I had to become aware of the difficulties that would be present due to our age difference. I made sure to give Betty the opportunity to tell me how situations made her feel, and empathized with her, makingRead MoreSpecial Considerations for Clients of Islamic Faith3055 Words   |  12 PagesB. Pg. 29). Some clients, including those of Muslim culture, may go into the counseling sessions with certain expectations of how the counselor will be and what will go on during their time there. Tailoring the therapeutic process for each client, no matter what their cultural beliefs are, is important because it is like the counselor is sending them the message of understanding and a true desire to help. Racism and perceptual bias are the fourth key predictors for there to be a culturally relatedRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesservice purchase, he or she tells six other potential buyers. In contrast, a dissatisfied consumer informs 25 other potential buyers. That is the leverage of quality in shaping consumer sentiment, which is vital in powering the two-thirds of the American economy that is consumer-driven. Therefore, as companies again go back to the business basics, this is a reminder of the most fundamental of those basics: Company managers need to recognize that a business’s income comes from its customers, not from

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Rhetorical Analysis Deborah Tannen - 1485 Words

I came from a high school where all my closest friends were athletic like me, were loud and vulgar like me, and extremely prideful like me. The athleticism inspired an extremely competitive bond between us. Our pride wouldn’t allow us to lose to each other in any event. Anything was a competition; racing down the street, a better grade on a test, how much food we ate during lunch are all examples. Needless to say, if any of my buddies and I shared the same class we would fight for the teachers and peers attention by attempting to be the funniest and most importantly, the loudest. Whenever the teacher would hold a class discussion I would always try to be the first one to shout out an answer, and sure enough a buddy of mine would routinely†¦show more content†¦While I agree with Tannen that the more dominant voices in the class may intimidate the more quiet voices, I don’t necessarily think that it’s strictly directed towards females. I believe that the m ore aggressive voices come from the most comfortable and confident students. In high school most of the comfortable voices were male, which is why they spoke up first. Although males could also stray away from speaking at times, it affected females more on average. When the author presented this argument my eyes were opened to something that I was a part of and could relate to, strictly in high school. Others may have different experiences but Tannen nailed it perfectly for me. What drove me to Madden’s writing was the new perspective she had on females and their leadership styles relating to the way they speak up in group environments. The article claimed â€Å"one stereotypic dimension women have is that the individual cannot be both competent and friendly† (Madden). The more competent female would be the more comfortable and confident with her argument, therefore willing to speak up in a discussion environment, whereas the friendlier female would be more likely to keep to herself or amongst her friends and peers thatShow MoreRelatedRhetorical Analysis : Deborah Tannen906 Words   |  4 PagesRhetorical Analysis Deborah Tannen is a professor in linguistics at Georgetown University. She studies the different patterns of language, like talking to people at work, friends, family, politics, academics, law, and how the ways we talk affect relationships with others. In her essay, â€Å"Oh, Mom. Oh, Honey. : Why Do You Have to Say That? † The author’s purpose in this essay is about how mother and daughter relationships are, and what the mother is trying to say to the daughter, when talkingRead MoreRhetorical Analysis on Deborah Tannens Argument Culture1247 Words   |  5 PagesA Move towards Better Communication Deborah Tannen graduated from The University of California, Berkely, M.A. in 1979 with her PHD in Linguistics. She is a professor of linguistics at Georgetown University. Tannen has written many books where she applies her theory of Linguistics to everyday situations. Some of her books are: That’s Not What I Meant!: How Conversational Style Makes or Breaks Relationship (1986), Talking from 9 to 5: How Women’s and Men’s ConversationalRead MoreAn Examination on Sociocultural â€Å"Marking† of Women – Rhetorical Analysis of â€Å"There Is No Unmarked Woman† by Deborah Tanen1835 Words   |  8 PagesNicole Carper Professor M. Keith English 1101, sec. C20 08 November 2012 An Examination On Sociocultural â€Å"Marking† of Women – Rhetorical Analysis of â€Å"There Is No Unmarked Woman† by Deborah Tanen What is it that makes a woman a woman, or what makes a man a man? Deborah Tannen, author and Ph.D. of linguistics, investigates this question within the essay, â€Å"There Is No Unmarked Woman.† An excerpt from a larger publication, â€Å"Talking from 9 to 5,† written in 1994, â€Å"There Is No Unmarked Woman† isRead More‘Everyday Creativity Is Always Dialogical in Bakhtin’s Sense’.1965 Words   |  8 Pagesword or phrase will always carry connotations from previous use in various social contexts as well as â€Å"a taste of previous speakers’ intentions.† (Maybin, 2006, p.419) Deborah Tannen draws on Bakhtinian ideas in relation to reported speech, providing evidence for the heteroglossic and dialogic nature of language use. Tannen argues that reported speech in conversation is far from accurately ‘reported’ but is in fact constructed. She illustrates that in the new reporting context, reported utterancesRead MoreCMNS 304 Notes Essay5778 Words   |  24 Pagesexpressive how I feel Can you please turn of your cellphone - directive Ill be back - commisives committing to a certain action We are like fish in water, we don’t have to think about the frame of water, or rather how we interact with it Frame analysis is a tool to step into our frame and understand it this room is just a piece of SFU Frames have a coherence-inducing feature. We expect things to hold together and cohesion is a meshing of text. Coherence (making sense of how they work together)

Pmw Literature Review - 718 Words

An increasing number of evidence supports how PMW assistance improves the quality and readability of the publication, enhances the submission process, and increases the chance of publication in a peer-reviewed journal (Bailey, 2011; Woolley, 2011; Gattrell, 2016; Shah, 2016). Despite the involvement of PMWs in the publication of clinical trials data in peer-reviewed journals has several advantages, few data show what value corresponding authors place on PMWs. My short online survey attempted to fill this gap gathering perspectives of corresponding authors both with and without PMW working experience. My survey aimed at assessing their opinions and gaining insights into their understanding of PMW assistance in several steps of the†¦show more content†¦My inability to reach the selected corresponding authors could be due to the corresponding authors no-n-adherence to the ORCID registry, for instance. Therefore, PMWs and medcomms agencies should encourage ORCID propagation among their network of authors. The response rate (RR) for my survey was 14.3% (32/223), which is lower than what previously reported in online surveys of corresponding authors. RR of Marchington (2014) and Camby (2014) studies was 29.2% (76/260) and 32.6% (415/1263), respectively. However, my survey is not entirely comparable with these two previous surveys. In Marchington’s study, 260 academic and clinical authors were surveyed, but as outlined by the authors, this population may have been biased as it included only authors who used PMWs and were linked to one particular medcomms agency. Camby and colleagues instead conducted a large online follow-up survey. A total of 1263 investigators and researchers who had previously authored at least one publication in collaboration with GSK Vaccines were invited. The main strength of my survey compared to Marchington’s study was its completely blinded and systematic method to select the corresponding authors. Because of its unbiased and unsolicited nature, it might be reasonable that my RR is nearly half of that reported in Marchington’s survey (14.3% versus 29.2%). Although my RR is not too high, it is almost in line with the RR of another survey conducted among 327Show MoreRelatedPmw Essay1246 Words   |  5 PagesPMWs often undertake professional development programmes provided by the three leading medical writers professional organisations, the American Medical Writing Association (AMWA), the European Medical Writing Association (EMWA), and the ISMPP to be regularly updated in this regard (Bissau, 2015). The ISMPP, founded in 2005 to enhance medical publication integrity and transparency and to improve standards and best practice, believes that â€Å"medical writers can often improve the efficiency and effectivenessRead MoreRandomised Controlled Trials Essay1652 Words   |  7 Pagescommunication of scientific advances to a wide range of healthcare providers. This dissemination is crucial for ensuring that clinical decisions made by healthcare professionals and patients reflect the best scientific evidence. The peer-reviewed biomedical literature is, in fact, the key source for making treatment decisions in a rational, fair and objective manner (JAMA), and scientists are not the only people who benefit from publication of clinical trial results. Also, patients and their physicians gain knowledge

Get Best Strategic Information System AIS/ ERP Software

Question: Describe about the Strategic Information System for AIS/ ERP Software. Answer: Introduction The report shown below mainly helps in highlighting the major aspects related to the AIS/ ERP Software, which is to be installed in the organizations. The organizations are named as the Sun gate and Disk4U. Both the organizations are expanding their business in the appropriate manner, so they personally need the suitable accounting system which can maintain their finance and the ledgers aspects. The available piece of work is mainly helpful in critically managing the accounting software and the major perspective related to it (Internetslang team, 2016). The sections which are mainly covered in the report shown below are the business process, business requirements followed by the software selection, system requirement and at last the vendor selection. The report is concluded by the appropriate conclusion along with some recommendations. Major Topics Covered Any report which is prepared is considered as professional and appropriate, if it covers the major sections that are asked in the requirement. The major requirement of the report is the selection of the most suitable ERP/ AIS system for the organization which is helpful in managing the major accounting system in both the organizations (i.e. Disk4U and Sun Gate). The specific case study to mention the scenario is already framed to define the current accounting system. Apart from this, the brief discussion of the business process and the system process are also defined which are helpful in anticipating the future aspects related to the business. Business Process The unique methodology and the specific processing system are followed by every organization. All these organizations make their personal law and orders which are followed by the legal framework defined by the country too. Similarly, in Australia also two organizations named as the Disk4U and the Sun Gate also define their specific working strategies to generate the suitable output. Now, both the organizations require their specific accounting system, by which the accounts of the organizations can be managed easily. The Disk4U is considered as the disk selling organization, which is selling a wide range of CDs, Vinyl records and the wide range of storage products which are helpful in storing the maximum amount of the data in an appropriate manner. The strong financial and the accounting aspects of the organization generates the need of the specific accounting system in the organization. Though the company is small and possesses only 4 outlets, but the production and the selling system of the product is considered as too strong. To manage the history of the product and to manage the ledgers, the appropriate accounting system is required. For this work, the consultants are also hired to go in the right way. Apart from this, the Sun Gate is also considered as the rice producing and wild rice producing organization which has their productivity in Victoria and the nearest areas related to the Victoria. The business process is quite different in this organization in comparison to the Disk4U. The export and the import of the products are highly emphasized in an appropriate manner. The purchasing of the products can be made from the nearest 350 farms and then distributed, processed managed at the local or the international level in a very well manner. In fact, the organization also holds the capacity to manage the pollution and also control the inappropriate aspects which affect the environment and also the business. To face the situation of managing the account, the organization plans to implement the appropriate accounting system for which the suitable consultants are also hired to make the process smooth and in the right way. Business requirements The evaluation of the business requirement and the strategic planning to reach the appropriate target are considered as the most appropriate steps before initiating any new venture in the existing business. There are various specific consequences identified for completing the specific approaches. It is the duty of the executive to select the suitable tools and the steps by which the suitable result can be generated in an appropriate direction. The business requirements can be identified either by following the five steps of the tools or by following the eight steps of the tools. The paragraph shown below is helpful in defining the various steps related to the process. The identification of the stakeholders is considered at the highest priority. By identifying the primary requirement of the business, the execution or the implementation of the accounting system in the organization can become easier. As the business is related to the CD and the Rice food, so it is essential to manage the aspects related to both the businesses appropriately. The selection of the stakeholders should be done in an appropriate manner, by which the organization can earn maximum profit (Brandenburg, 2016). The identification of the stakeholders can be identified in two specific manners which are on the external and the internal level. After the identification of the stakeholders, the other specific requirements need to be identified. These requirements can be easily fulfilled if the appropriate decision making system will be developed. The appropriate interviews, group discussions and the live conferences can provide the easy option for the changes in the existing system a nd by the help of this; the great changes can be introduced in the current accounting system. In reference to the DISK4U, the current needs and the requirements from the Stakeholders are being identified and then these requirements are implemented in the stores and the outlets. Similarly, to manage the business related to the Sun gate, the reviews of the stakeholders are essential to collect so that the appropriate changes and the business related aspects can be improved in an appropriate manner (Entrepreneur Media, Inc., 2016). The third step is related to the categorization of the stakeholders requirement. The requirements are divided into various sections, identifying which the prime support can be provided. Apart from this, the specific expansion of the business can be promoted in the appropriate manner. The appropriate parts are the operational, functional, technical and transitional. The Disk4U and the Sun gate both can able to implement the successful aspects in the organization if they follow these steps in an appropriate manner. Finally, the two steps are taken into considerations which are helpful in performing the impact analysis and the scenario analysis. The last step is the completion of the legal formalities and the process completion. By this, the specific business accounting system can be implemented in the organization as per the requirement of the company. The image gets clear by identifying these steps that if the company can able to implement the new changes and want to introduced the ne wly developed system in the organization, the business requirements are essential to be followed and managed. System Requirements After assuming the business process and the requirement of the business, it is quite clear that before introducing the appropriate system in the organization or bringing the change in the organization, the stable and well organized strategy is required, which is helpful in changing the suitable aspects related to the accounting system. With reference to both the organizations, the guidance should be provided by the consultants, who guide and managed the accounting system as per the requirement of the organization and the stakeholders related to the organization. The new technology and the innovative approaches for managing the accounting system are considered as the primary choice of the consultants or the planners. The above sections discuss the manual aspects which are defined by the organization, but for bringing the improvement, there is a requirement of the stable software which can easily manage the tedious task of managing the budget and the financial aspects of the organization (Ramazani Zanjani, 2012). The area of specialization which is discussed in the following report is related to the finance and the management of the accounts, so the software should also be selected in such a manner which can easily suit to the environment. The software belongs to this genre holds the different functionalities and functioning, which is defined in the paragraph below. The most suitable feature provided by the software is the online assistance and the remotely accessing facility provided by the software. Through this facility, both the organizations get a suitable benefit, because the online selling and purchasing of the products can increase due to this in the wide manner. In fact, the products may also reach into those areas where the chances of reachability are very low. The second aspect relates to the cost and the installation aspects. The costing of this software is generally high, which is not affordable by the small or medium sized organization. As the company possesses the limited budget, so it is essential that this software will be installed which have a specific value for the installation and also provide suitable results as per the requirement. Apart from this, the flexibility is also considered as the most appreciable feature, which can make the software more live and viable. By this flexible feature, the software can run on any platform and the core specific assistance is provided to the users. In case of the Disk4U, the suitable assistance is provided to the users by using the software in an appropriate manner and in case of Sun Gate, the customers can easily manage the purchase of the products and the employees can easily manage the accounts and ledgers for the particular products (Haas, 2009). Apart from these functionalities which are helpful in selecting the suitable software, it is essential to manage all the criteria in an appropriate manner. As the software selection is considered as the most critical or sensitive area so for this, it is essential that the initial step of the process should be well defined. By following these perspectives, it becomes easier to achieve the goals related to the IT investment and the suitable targets related to it are also determined. Software Selection Software selection is identified as the most tedious task. The market of accounting software making company is blooming with the rapid rate and the vast variety of the software is available in the market to manage the aspects and the future perspectives related to the accounts in the organization (Shack, 2016). As both the firms (i.e. Sun gate and Disk4U) are related to Australia, so the selection of the software should also be identified from the country only, so that the legal formalities and the important features of the organization can easily be followed. For creating the positive impact, the most popular packages got selected which are named as the Xero, MYOB, SAP and Saasu and many others, which legally provide the assistance to the accounting aspects. By the accounts software packages, all the basic needs of the software can be fulfilled easily and in a wide manner (AdvisoryHQ Team, 2016). Xero is considered as the most appreciable and suitable accounting package for both the organizations. This is identified because the functionality and the facilities provided by the Xero are more approachable in comparison to the other softwares. The major functions defined by the XERO are the online assistance to solve the issues preparation of the ledgers and preparation of the balance sheets are also considered as the most appropriate task offered by the software. Xero is considered as the cloud based accounting system. Apart from this, the SAP and the MYOB are also considered as the suitable softwares which are helpful in managing the major aspects related to the organizations (R G Technologies, 2014). SAP is unique accounting software packages which is helpful in assisting the employees or the customers about the accounting services and also provide the appropriate criteria for the online assistance. The SAP is helpful in identifying the specific needs of the customers in the easiest manner and then executes the suitable processing as per the client requirement and also helps in strengthening the customer relationship with the clients. Apart from this, the MYOB is helpful in providing the assistance for the tax and the share management to the organization. The accounting package mainly works on the current scenario related to the accounting software in the organization. Rather than starting the task from the scratch, the accounting package work on the current situation and helps in providing the most suitable packages to both the organizations and tries to fulfill their accounting based needs. The other features which are highlighted through MYOB are the Payroll management, job management, professional management and the management of the tax which can be done in the easiest and the most appropriate manner. MYOB is also identified for the small and the medium class business. The most suitable accounting package which is helpful for the improvement of both the organizations is named as the medium type of accounting system like XERO and MYOB (Xero Limited, 2016). Both the organizations have managed their business on the medium level where the management of the products is considered on the highest priority rather than the expansion of the business, so for the medium level of business, the most appropriate accounting software packages are the Xero and MYOB. Apart from this, the another reason for selecting the software is that it may help in providing the speed and fast processing methodology to the system by which the suitable output can be generated in the easiest manner. The medium sized accounting system also provide the facility of managing the ledgers, updating the accounts and management of the stocks are considered as the major perspectives for selecting the medium sized accounting system in the suitable manner. Vendor Selection Now after identifying all the aspects thoroughly, the selection of the vendor is considered at the highest priority. The vendors selection is identified as per the requirement of the organization. But before finalizing the vendors, it is essential to identify the ERP requirements related to the organization. By observing the various softwares defined above, it is quite clear that only two softwares are well suited for both the organization to manage the accounting system. The comparative and detailed discussion among the two accounting packages is defined below. By this, the actual selection can be made which can help to state that for which organization, which type of software will be well suited. In reference to the prices, the XERO is cheap in comparison to the MYOB. The installation and the maintenance charges are higher in MYOB. The accounting charges are comparatively high which may be nearly $29/ month. The most common and highlighted features provided by the Xero are the speed and the accuracy. The same features are provided by the MYOB too, but the different feature possesses the different charges. The MYOB is well suited for the medium sized business. The MYOB provides the basic and simple approach to the processes to be completed and manually manage the inventory, identify the performance of the business and creates the budgets (Graphiq Inc., 2016). While Xero mainly possesses the features related to the social interaction and the management, so for the Disk4U, the most suitable accounting system package is the Xero and for the Sun gate system, the most suitable accounting system is the MYOB (Rigney, 2014). Both the accounting packages try to provide the most appropriate security system to the organizations. By this, the security of the organization will not compromise on any level. Apart from this, the wide level online platform and the appropriate assistance system is provided to the organizations to manage the accounting and the financial aspects in the organization (State Government of Victoria, 2015). Conclusion The accounting packages are helpful in providing the remarkable features and outstanding results to the organizations which are using it. By observing the scenario above, it is also clear that for both the organizations, the selection of the package is done appropriately. But, the main aspect is that the organization has to understand the appropriate usage of the software. It is recommended to both the organizations that to make the maximum use of the software and to make the organization more productive and result oriented, it is essential to manage the accounting software in the strategic manner. For strengthening the aspects of the accounting system, the technological advancement is essential to be followed. 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